Saturday, 23 March 2013

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ink drawing on list of street names by me

I have been seeing Fiddle Leaf figs at Garden centres  and have been very attracted to them.  Those big pear shaped (or fiddle shaped) glossy leaves and curvaceous stems are a knock out.  Then I started seeing them in the decorating magazines.... hmm must get one of these  plants to add oxygen to my room, yes... that is the reason...  The only fly in the ointment is the price, those babies were way too much cash.  Luckily I found my own specimen from a local market, it's over a metre high and was only $10.  I was extremely happy with that and I have been admiring it's dramatic, artistic shape  these past few weeks.

pen drawing of Fiddle leaf Fig, by me

Fiddle Leaf Fig's proper name is Ficus lyrata and it is native to Western Africa.  If planted outdoors it will grow to a huge size but indoors it can be managed.  In Africa it often starts life as a epiphyte high in the crown of another tree.  It sends roots down which slowly strangles the original tree,  That doesn't sound too nice for the original tree but nature can be cruel!  Of course it also grows as a free standing tree, growing to  12-15 metres.

Fiddle Leaf fig in my living room.  Painting by Peter Godwin, teak sideboard by TH Brown, South Australia, 1960s

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