Friday, 8 March 2013


Girrawheen Park, Earlwood

Earlwood is a sleepy suburb in Sydney's inner west, 12 km from the centre of town.  It lies on a sandstone ridge between the Cooks River valley and  the Wolli Creek.  It became populated after the men returned from WW1, the countryside carved up into 1/4 acre blocks.  I live in a narrow street, one of 5 little streets running up the hill side by side. These streets had very modest homes on little blocks of land for the people who worked in the stone quarry that lay at the end of the streets.  Things are changing in our little part of Earlwood with many the little houses replaced by new ones.  In fact my house is new too which I enjoy after living so long in a 130 year old house.
We are lucky in Earlwood as have the river on one side of our suburb and a secret park called Girrawheen on the other. I assume we have this special place because the side of the ridge was too steep for housing.  It is heritage listed because it is  rare remnant bushland.  It is wonderful to think that this bush is mostly what was there  before white settlement. There is a lovely little creek and there is water running now after all the rain we have had .  These ink drawings are of this park.

Girraween Park, Earlwood

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  1. Lovely, lovely! I thorougly enjoyed this posting Nancy - great information and drawings.