Saturday, 16 March 2013

Bjorn Wiinblad

This is a metal "postcard" made by Rosenthal company, Germany

I had never seen the work of Bjorn Wiinblad, nor heard of him,  until I came across one of his vases in a charity shop.  The vase had been broken and put back together and even that did not stop me from greatly admiring it and taking it home.  Since then I have collected a number of his ceramics and keep my eyes out for more when I’m out and about.

Wiinblad was born in Copenhagen in 1918, passing away in 2006. He was a painter, a designer and artist in ceramics, silver, bronze, textiles, graphics and furniture.  He worked for the US Embassy in Paris  designing posters, later designing  posters for theatre, ballet and opera. These posters are fantastic and if it wasn’t for some serious competition for wall space I would love one or two. His textile work was used in many ballets and in theatre. He designed ceramics for the Danish company, Nymolle and also for the German ceramic company, Rosenthal.

Much of Wiinblad’s work features  round faced people surrounded by flowers or other natural elements.  His work is based on music and the joy of life.  His motto is said to be “make people happy”.

This is a large charger made by the Rosenthal Company, Wiinblad design

I love it for it’s whimsy  and colour.  Much of my Wiinblad  collection is blue and white but he does love using colour too.  His Christmas plate series is very colourful often with gold drawn into it.

Wiinblad vases by Rosenthal.  The one on the far right is my first vase and it has been broken and repaired.
He seems to have been very romantic and I love his series of plates by Nymolle.  The January plate introduces us to a couple.  Each successive month celebrates their courtship and in December they are married.  When my friend Daniel went to Denmark he brought me back a May plate as that’s my birthday month.  I also found the August plate where the couple are catching butterflies.   They are quite adorable but then I may have quite a number of romantic bones in me.

These are two of the 12 plates in a series celebrating courtship

Keep your eye out for Bjorn Wiinblad design.  It is most easily found in ceramics or posters.  I know it gives me a lot of pleasure.

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