Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Queen Victoria Building


This is the York St entrance to the Queen Victoria Building. It was built between 1893 and 1898 and was designed as a market place. The scene above is the central section above the York St entrance.  The allegorical figures  are carved from marble. 
Today, the QVB continues to be a beautiful place to shop, eat and enjoy  spendid architecture and craftsmanship.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Winters day at Sydney Town Hall

Sydney Town Hall is a much loved building in Sydney. It was open for inspection yesterday and the interior spaces are wonderful.  These sketches show the side views as we needed warm places to sit on this cold winter day.
The foundation stone for this building was laid in 1868 and in 1875 the council moved in although it wasn't finished. Sydney Town Hall was finished, complete with clock tower, in 1889 and it was the tallest building in the city for many years.



Saturday, 18 June 2016

Interiors at Art Gallery of NSW



Due rainy weather I sketched inside the state gallery.  I used a long sketchbook over two pages which was ideal for the very high ceilings.  The gallery has stools for people to use to sketch which is great. It is such a beautiful building.



Wednesday, 15 June 2016



For the Queens birthday weekend it was appropriate to sketch at Queen St Ashfield.  This home called Ambleside was built in 1887.  This architecture is called  Victorian Free Gothic style.
Ambleside was built for an accountant and trader, J B C Miles.  In 1956 it became a nursing home and later belonged to the Greek Orthodox church.  In 1994 it was sold to a private owner who has been restoring it ever since.
The owners father came out to talk to us as we sketched, telling us about the home's history. He is duly proud of his family's home and restoration.
In this sketch I didn't want to cover up the house with the fence so partly put it in.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Winter sketching, Millers Point

A group of sketchers got together yesterday to do the thing that we do....draw.  The weather was wonderful, sunny and reasonably warm for winter in Sydney.  I loved the view above. We sat in a back lane which was very quiet so we were able to sit in the middle of the road without fear of being run over.

This is a famous, historic pub. We found a sunny bench to sketch this scene.

This tower was used to manage harbour traffic.  It is soon to be demolished so we had to record it beforehand.
A lovely day sketching!

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Rainy weekend


This entire weekend has been rain, rain and more of it.  Torrential at times and flooding in places, it has been bad.  There had been two sketch meets but I didn't get to either of them due to the weather.  

I have been doing some portraits from photos that people have posted on the Sktchy app.  There is a feed of people's photos and you can choose who ever inspires you. I have been working on these portraits all year and have ninety under my belt.  Here are a few of the latests ones.





Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Eames Dining Chairs


I have been a big fan of Charles and Ray Eames and their stuff for a number of years now.  Seeing the Harry Siedler houses recently from the 1950's, which were filled with Eames furniture,  have propelled my  desire even further.  

My dining room table and chairs were made by the Australian Parker company.  I love the table but wasn't totally sold on the chairs. Sooooo... When I had the opportunity to buy six real Eames dining chairs made by Herman Miller, I could not resist.
They are plywood, designed in 1946 and were manufactured originally and today by Herman Miller.

There are two moulded pieces of plywood with sturdy frame and shock mounts which make it very comfortable.  The chairs are beautifully made and wonderful quality.  I think my need for Eames is now satisfied and I am happy indeed.