Tuesday, 26 March 2013


I can hardly believe that Easter is coming up next weekend.  Seems like 2013 is roaring along much too quickly.  It is coming though so thought I would make some cards/gift tags  which you are welcome to download, print and attach to the gifts that the Easter bunny is giving out..

This is a Bilby, an  Australian marsupial which is endangered.  Here in Australia we enjoy this chocolate variety of marsupial for Easter. 

Have a lovely Easter with your family and friends.  I hope you find as many chocolate eggs as you are happy to eat in the garden or behind the couch or wherever that funny bunny puts them.

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  1. Thanks Nancy, that's a lovely idea to print out your cards. I will! I hope you have a great Easter - knowing you, you'll be cooking up a storm! Cheers, Chere