Friday, 25 April 2014


Thirroul railway station-watercolour and charcoal

I met up with my old friend Chere this week in Thirroul and enjoyed the train trip to get there   Thirroul is a coastal town 69 km south of Sydney and is beautiful with it's backdrop of the Illawarra escarpment.  The name Thirroul is reported to be Aboriginal and mean Valley of Cabbage Tree Palms.
D.H Lawrence lived in Thirroul in 1922 and wrote much of his book "Kangaroo"  there. Artists  Garry Shead and Brett Whitely also have connections to this town.
Chere and I had trouble finding a spot in the shade that had a place to sit but ended up with a couple of sketches each.  These are my efforts.  I also had fun drawing a few fellow passengers on the train and those sketches are also below.

Thirroul with escarpment in the background -watercolour and charcoal

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