Friday, 11 April 2014

the neighbourhood

Watercolour and charcoal, view from the back of the house looking north

Watercolour and charcoal, view from balcony looking at Shirley's place and beyond
It has been raining in Sydney, for what seems like weeks and weeks.  Today is no different and I have a mission to sketch the neighbourhood.  I have plans of sketching scenes around the river but due to weather conditions I have painted from my balcony and from windows in the mornings before work  and today.  These are the results.
Earlwood is the suburb I live in and it was originally settled after WW1.  There are plenty of nice Federation houses on big blocks here as well as very fancy huge new homes.  The little streets where I live, however, have houses which are quite modest as they were for the workers from the quarry.

Watercolour and charcoal, view from front balcony looking north

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