Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Maggie Stein makes a Linocut

Maggie Stein carving the lino

More than a month ago Ross and I returned to Maggie Stein's studio to film her making a linocut.  As you may remember we made a film of her previously, printing a linocut, but now we have returned to see how she produces the linocut itself.  Here is  the result of our visit, a six and a half minute video on youtube.  Ross very kindly filmed this and my Easter project was to figure out how to edit it.  Please have a look.


Maggie has a unique method of  creating the design on the lino which is interesting to artists of all levels.  She covers the lino with black ink and then paints the design in white which helps to visualize the final result.  The inspiration for this particular print was a gum tree. 

Carving the lino
Lino on the left, original drawing/inspiration on the right
Have a look at Maggie's artwork at her website: www.maggiestein.com.au
She also holds classes and workshops for children and adults which would be great fun.

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