Friday, 12 April 2013

Artist who loves to paint but not with a paintbrush, Hong Yi or RED

Hong Yi, also known as Red

Red's adaption of Edvard Munch's 'The Scream"
I came across the artist/architect Hong Yi (nickname is Red) while looking around on the internet. Her background is Chinese but was born and raised in Malaysia.  Red studied in Australia and works for an Australian architecture firm in Shanghai.  She is inspired by everyday materials and creates art using ordinary things. Hong Yi is known as the artist who loves to paint but not with a paintbrush.  Her works have been featured by media around the world. 
I emailed Red and asked if it was okay if I showed her work in this forum and she said "go for it".  I thought that was pretty nice.  Her website is
The art she makes using food is quite fun.  I especially enjoyed the ones which were inspired by  well known works of art.  She made one of these works of art using food each day as she was having a break from making the more time consuming installations.
You can see her make the portrait of Tan Sri Francis Yeoh on video.  Her medium is that ring from the bottom of your coffee cup. The final portrait is at the end of this post.

Please also have a look of this video of Red making a portrait of the 1991 Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.  She made it out of 2000 white carnations and red food colouring.  Each carnation was in a container of a different amount of food colouring so that a tonal representation was created.  The flowers and red colour have significance to the sitter.

'sonny if anything, just stay away from Colonel Sanders

Giant Squid attack with squid and squid ink

Adaptation of Hokusai's 'The Great Wave', long grain rice and nori

Goldfish in my Consomme`, made of picked ginger, eyeballs of century eggs, grass made from dill and jelly made from chicken consommé and gelatine
Owl-nion! made of onion and mint leaves

Olympian Lee Chong Wei-portrait made out of shuttlecock feathers

Coffee Cup Stain-Tan Sri Francis Yeoh



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  1. Nancy, you've done it again. This is another fabulous post - so interesting. Keep up the good work Nancy, I'm enjoying your intriguing finds. Chere xx