Friday, 29 January 2016

Public buildings in the city

A group of friends met this morning to sketch in the city.  We had planned on going to the Lloyd Rees drawing exhibition but only one of us actually went in.  The others were busy sketching!
Above is the Museum of Sydney which is a modern building built on the ruins of the first Goverment house.  The governor Arthur Phillips lived and worked at this site in 1788.

This is the Justice and Police museum, Phillip St frontage.  This museum was originally a police station built in 1890.
This is the side of the Justice and Police museum.

We then had lunch at Sydney Custom House, built in 1845.  This is the front door.  This building would overlook the Harbour if the train station had not been built in it's way in the 1950s.
A great day in town!

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  1. Lovely works Nancy - I hope this comments gets through to you - the "comment section" keeps dropping off!