Saturday, 23 January 2016

Ephemeral City

Some sketchy friends and I went to Barangaroo Reserve in Sydney to see Olivier Grossetete's Ephemeral City, part of Sydney Festival.  The community participate to build a city out of cardboard and tape.  We arrived at 10 am but it wasn't open yet so drew the sketch above from behind the barrier.
We returned later to find the place buzzing.  There were people building bits and then the buildings would be lifted by others,  another level of cardboard slipped in from below and then taped in.  Slowly the buildings  grow from the bottom.  There were ropes making sure they didn't tumble.
There is a flying fox with people zipping around the building as well.  Lots of noise with tape being dispensed by the km, buildings being lifted with the site managers whistling and calling out commands and children making a lot of child sounds.  I should sleep well tonight!


The city will all come down on Tuesday, Australia Day.  The event is a great idea, lots of fun.

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