Saturday, 16 January 2016


I went to Newcastle with friends this weekend. Newcastle is a city about two and a half hours north of Sydney.  It is a beautiful place with plenty of heritage buildings and beautiful beaches and coastline.
The 1892 building above was built by one of the best architects of the 19 th century, German born Fredrick Menkens.  Baroque in style and built to be superior office accommodation and for wine auctions.  Menkens's own offices were in this building for many years.  We were invited to have a look inside when we were there and it was beautifully restored. It is now a wedding venue and wine bar.


This is Customs House built in the Italianate Renaissance Revival style by Nsw Colonial Architect James Barnett in 1877.  The side entrance is below.


We sketched this building in the pouring rain, luckily under an awning.
More on the blog mid week with Newcastle beaches.  A great weekend!

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  1. Hi Nancy, I enjoy reading your blog and looking at your lovely paintings. You find some nice locations to draw and have an eye for a good point of view. The Chinese Gardens is a place I've thought of visiting. Newcastle looks to have plenty of interesting buildings. So much to do and see.