Saturday, 27 June 2015

Sketching in Newtown


What a day!!! Went sketching in Newtown today ALL day.  First stop was Newtown courthouse, built in 1885.  We sat in front of the Black Star cafe drinking coffee, dreaming of their watermelon cake and working away in sketch books.   People were lining up outside to get their excellent coffee and most wonderful desserts.


After lunch we went to the grounds of St Stephens Church on Church St, Newtown.  The church and adjoining historic cemetery are very picturesque.  I particularly enjoyed this house which is called Cemetary Lodge.  There is a community garden within this property and there were some locals tending that while we were there.


After a very satisfying lunch and trip to the art shop I did this sketch of folk studying the menu or their newspaper.
It has been a big day out and now a cuppa and rest are in order.

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