Saturday, 6 June 2015

China Town Sydney


Urban Sketchers met at China Town in Sydney this morning.  This is one of the gates to Dixon st where there are many Chinese restaurants and shops.  The sign at the top has an English sign and a Chinese one.  The English one says "Within the four seas all men are equal".  A Chinese man asked me if I would like him to write the Chinese letters on the lower sign. He very kindly did so.


This restaurant is called the Live Crafts Centre Tea house.  We got there early and the doors were closed.  Before finishing there were tables, plants and signs between the building and myself.  Managed to finish though.

This is Masterken's Seafood restaurant.  There are big aquarium windows with huge fish, crabs and lobsters on each side of the front door.
It was a big day in China Town including a yummy lunch of dumplings and noodles with other sketchers.

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