Friday, 3 April 2015

Television show taping


Sketch Club went to the taping of a television program friday morning.  We went to Channel Ten in Sydney and sketched while the morning show was being filmed.  It was great fun seeing what went on behind the scenes.  They really tried to give us a fun experience, providing lots of treats like coffee, hot cross buns, chocolates, candy throughout the program and we got a movie DVD too.
I sketched these while sitting in the back row, adding the colour at home. It wasn't easy clapping when the applause sign was lit and you have pen and paper in hand.
It was a great time which would be fun to try again.
Celebrities, camera men, audience and security.

  There was a Gloria Jeans coffee shop in the studio.  The security guard and the coffee man were watching the show too.

      Camera men and women.

The celebrities sitting on the couch.

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