Thursday, 30 April 2015

A week of Tulips

  I love tulips and I bought this bunch last Sunday.  I have been sketching them every day since.  The sketch above was done on day four when the flowers are beautifully open and stems start to sprawl.

I really enjoyed seeing the tulips in Holland many years ago.  At one tulip farm, people could buy the bulbs and have them sent anywhere in the world.  My mother is a wonderful gardener and I thought I would send some to her.  When it came to the ordering I asked for special bulbs as Mom is an extraordinary gardener.  The bulbs did arrive , were planted and as they should,  the tulips came up in a spendid display. Well, it caused a tulip mania in our little town.  Everyone had to have tulips!  They had to make do with the local bulbs, no exotic ones for them.  Tulips are beautiful no matter how common they are.


This is the first sketch of the tulips, flowers are tight and stems upright.
This is the second day of tulips.  Sketched from above. The flowers are starting to open up.

This is the third day of tulips, also sketched from above.

      I did this smaller sketch on day 5. It is a card for a friend who is celebrating her birthday.       

I will do some more sketches of the tulips as they decline, see next blog post.


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  1. Chere Le Page2 May 2015 at 23:10

    Gorgeous! A pleasure to look at!