Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Okay...another chair, Bergere

This chair got missed in my week of chairs.  This chair is called a Bergere with an accent on the second e.  My parents had one of these chairs (still do) and I always liked them.  They are reasonably big but visually small and are very comfortable.  From the name you probably gathered they are a French chair and became popular in the 17th century. They have an exposed wooden frame and an upholstered back and seat.  The frames were most often made of walnut or beech wood and the upholstery, silk.  This chair is one I purchased years ago and it was upholstered  in a fabric of my choice.  It doesn't really fit the décor of my current abode but I would find it hard to get rid of.  It lives in the bedroom where it is useful for shoe application.

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