Saturday, 19 March 2016

Rose Seidler House


I went to Rose Seidler House today with Marrickville Heritage society and saw two Seider houses, this being one of them.  This house was built by Harry Seidler for his parents in the early 1950's.  Harry was 25 years old at the time and this was his first solo project.  The house was very different for conservative Sydney at that time and people either loved it or hated it.   
It is set in the bush in an elevated position and the windows and stone used brought the outside in.  There is a deck that the house surrounds on three sides and the living room opens up to it.  The original mural is on one wall, photo below.
Harry would not let his parents use their old furniture and he decorated it himself with furniture imported from USA, particularly by Eames. He only allowed his mother a tea set that she had brought from Austria, nothing else.  The house is still as Seidler decorated it, much of the original furniture remains.
I loved this place!!

Side view

Mural on Seidler deck

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