Friday, 25 March 2016

Mortuary Station


I returned to Mortuary station again yesterday with friends.  The rain didn't stop us recording this most unique building.
This railway station has an interesting history.  In the mid 1800s the cemeteries were filling up and closing.  The state decided to open up a large area of land outside of town for this purpose and it was called Rookwood Cemetary.  Transport was required so a railway line was built between Redfern and Rookwood for mourners and the casket.  There were specific stations built at each end of the line and this was the city station.  They were designed by colonial architect James Barnet. Both stations were similar and featured sandstone carvings of angels, cherubs and gargoyles.
After these stations opened in 1869 the casket and the mourners joined the train at Redfern or anywhere along the line.  Food and drink also came on board and sometimes a party started before they arrived at the Cemetary.

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