Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Card

This year's Christmas card is my rendition of a Superb Fairy wren.  There were a pair of these tiny birds in my backyard and they even laid eggs.  They don't really have gold on them, that is my addition.  The boys are a beautiful blue and the girls are brown.

A whole flock!

This is the soft material which is carved to make the print, like a stamp.  It's much easier to carve than the traditional lino. I drew the image on the block and carved away the bits which I didn't want to be black.

I rolled the ink on to the carved "lino" making sure it is completely covered .  Just turned it over onto the page from a old Boys Annual book.  After it dried I added some colour using gouache.  Then added the gold leaf by painting the area with special glue, waiting a little while and then placing the fragile gold leaf on top.
The printed page bird was then mounted on a card with double sided tape.

Wishing you a very, very merry Christmas.  I  so much appreciate you having a look at my arty endeavours!

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