Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Commanda General Store


This fantastic old store is in northern Ontario  in a place called Commanda. This store was built in 1885 and continued into the 1930's. It is a museum now and very original.  The photo below is part of the habidashery section with cabinets of threads, ribbons and sewing bits.



This is a view of about a quarter of the store.  Twice the length of the counter you can see and then another counter on the other side.  Windows across the front supplying light as you can see in the sketch.
In the Canadian summer the museum is open and you can also eat in the little cafe in the rooms to the right of the store.  It's a wonderful place and would be an ideal movie set.

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  1. Very interesting. There used to be a huge store like this in Berrima- full of all sorts of wonderful items like these. Xx