Monday, 10 August 2015

Businesses and memories from the past

 Times change, of course, and places you used to frequent as a child no longer exist.  This building used to be a butcher shop and I have many memories being sent there to buy minute steak and waiting for Mr Bradley to cut it up and wrap it in brown paper.  It is  a real estate agency now.
This used to be a barber shop and will soon be torn down for redevelopment.  It was lovely inside with a wall of mirror, marble shelf and coloured bottles.

This house was built about 1908 and was much fancier at that time with upper and lower verandas.  It used to hold a pharmacy on the ground floor but no longer.

This is a convenience store and has been there all my life and well before.  The building beside it used to be my grandfather's office.  It was a tailor shop originally.
It's been great recording these buildings and thinking about their history.

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