Friday, 24 July 2015

Service Stations in Powassan


The town of Powassan had 7 service stations when my parents were young.  There are only two left.  This one is Garlands and has been around since 1929, originally owned by Mr Demaine.  It has been renovated of course and probably does not look much like the original garage. I wonder whether the lights at the front are original.
The owner, Gary Garland owns the vintage truck and placed it at the front when he saw I was sketching.

This garage was built in the 1930's and originally owned by Ed Purdon.  It has had many owners over the years including my school friend's father, Mr Yates.  He had in in the 1950's and 1960's.  His family recall that he would work through the night when busy during the summer.  He gave driving tests and they talk about the time that three nuns came to be tested.
There is a chip wagon next to this garage called Trackside Fries and according to my ten year old nephew, it is awesome.


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