Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Powassan Buildings


It's great to be on holidays and have time to sketch.   It has been hot in Powassan and so time of day and shady spots have to be considered.  The building above was originally Scarlett's store, built in 1891. When I was a child it was Cox's General Store.
I sketched this early yesterday morning before it got too hot.  By the time I got home there was a message on facebook from a lady saying she saw me sketching her parent's building and would like to buy it. Within a few hours of being sketched  it was gone to it's new owner!

This restaurant was for many years a hang out for kids and a place to spend your pocket money if you were younger.  


This was originally a Presbyterian Church and was moved to Clark Street across from my parent's home.  It became the Masonic lodge after moving to this site.  My mother planted the trees to the left of the building but before that this area was often used by our family for baseball and Badminton games or just a place to hang around.  It wasn't our property but we used it like it was!
The lawn was cut just before I sketched this and you can see the marks for the lawn mower and the dry grass.

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