Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Every day in May sketch project


The Sydney sketch club has a project this month to sketch every day.  Each day has a theme and each  starts with the letter "m".  I signed  up for the project but am afraid to say I haven't sketched every day. The above portrait is today's sketch entitled "me".
Here are my efforts so far this month.

  This day was "multiple of anything".  My multiples were clean dishes in the dishwasher drawer.

"mule"-this particular mule carried our luggage when I was in Morocco last year.

 This is under the theme of "masterpiece " and is a sketch of George Lambert's painting A Sergeant of the Light horse.


This day's theme was "magazine ". This is Artist Profile magazine with Chuck Close on the cover.

 "Mauve, was the theme for this day

"M" was for map on this day and I sketched on a map rather than sketch a map.
Well, more than two more weeks of "m"s so more unusual sketches to go.

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