Friday, 22 May 2015

Enmore theatre


The Enmore theatre is a favourite for Sydneysiders as a venue for  a wide variety of performers from the Rollingstones to the local ballet school.  The big names like it because it is an intimate space and the local performers like it because it is well... local.
This theatre is the longest running live music venue still operational in New South Wales.  It was built in 1908 but had a big renovation in 1920 and this palladium Art Deco style is what still appears today.  The building has evolved over the past hundred years and this results in an architectural fabric which includes elements of art nouveau, Edwardian, Art moderne and various Art Deco styles.  It is classified by the National Trust and is listed in the Historic Building register of the Australian Institute of architects.
This place brings back fond memories for me of attending many years of my daughter's ballet concerts at the Enmore theatre.  Good times.

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