Saturday, 13 September 2014



Sevilla is the first major city we are visiting on tour.  It is a free day to do what we want and I was busy sketching.   The top sketch is the cathedral or la Santa Iglesias Cathedral de Sevilla.  it was built over the main mosque  of Seville from the 9th century.  Christopher Columbus's tomb is in this cathedral and he set off for the voyage which resulted in finding America not far from Seville.

    The above sketch is the entrance to the palace of the king and is called el real Alcazar.   The sketch below is of Torre del Oro or the locals call it the yellow tower.  I had a prawn and mushroom risotto and coke while I sketched this one.   We are going to Flamenco tonight which will be exciting.  Sevilla is a beautiful city from the golden age and well worth seeing.


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  1. Lovely artworks Nancy - gorgeous colours! What a fabulous trip!