Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Sawmiller's Reserve

Ship wreck, McMahon's Point, Sydney

Sawmillers Reserve is along the foreshore at McMahons Point.  McMahons Point is a beautiful spot  on the north side on the harbour and on the west side of the harbour bridge.  This land held a sawmill from the 1890's, finally closing by the 1980's.  It was a thriving business especially before the 1920's and had it's own powerhouse, 2 saw mills, an engineers shop, joinery, blacksmiths shop and  it's own wharf and crane.  When the site was vacated the local council made it a public reserve.  Some of the sawmill remains and there is even a boat wreck. 
There is a sculpture exhibition on until March 16 at Sawmillers Reserve, showing more than 70 works.
This watercolour sketch was done on the weekend.  It was a beautiful spot on a beautiful warm and sunny day.  There were quite a few sailboats bobbing around in the bay and there were people swimming off one boat.  Yikes, don't they know there's sharks in there!!

Looking over the bay, ship wreck is in the far left, city ahead

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