Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Tobias Gutmann

Tobias Gutmann is an artist born in Papua New Guinea who, amongst other things, has travelled around Europe, Africa and Asia with his travelling drawing booth called Face-o-Mat.  I love his idea and the fun he and his patrons have.  He has made a wooden booth which he decorates according to the country he is in.  Tobias sits at the back of the "machine", the patron is at the front with some dials in order to choose the type of portrait they wish.  There is a window so Tobias can see  the patron and in 3 minutes, voila...a portrait is produced.  As the portrait comes out of the "machine" there is a clicking sound to simulate a matrix printer.  How very charming and whimsical!!! Have a look at a video of the process:


I would love to be the artist in the face-o-mat and the patrons have a great time too.

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