Friday, 17 January 2014

Cockatoo Island

Looking through one of the industrial buildings, Cockatoo Island, pen drawing by me

Sketch club did some sketching at Cockatoo Island today.  Cockatoo Island is a 44 acre UNESCO World Heritage site, located in Sydney Harbour.
Cockatoo has a long history. Prior to 1788 the Aboriginal people would have used the island as a base for fishing and the trees on the island to make canoes.  The island was a penal settlement from 1839 and the prisoners were soon set to work building wharves and servicing private and government ships.
For 10 years, from 1870, Cockatoo was a reformatory and school for girls but then returned to it's previous industry of ship building.  Ship and even submarines were made here until 1992 when the wharves closed down.
Although 40 buildings and several wharves were demolished in 1992, there are still many buildings, machines including cranes left to tell the island's history.

Here is the same view at the drawing-looking through one of the industrial buildings

Ink drawing, crane, Cockatoo Island

Circular Quay

It was a beautiful day today and the harbour sparkled.  Here are some photos taken from the train platform.

Beautiful day in Sydney, view of Circular Quay

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