Thursday, 8 August 2013

David Hockney and portraits


this is one of my drawings-Aug 2013

David Hockney is a British artist who often creates portraits in order to explore other ideas in art.  He doesn't usually accept commissions but draws and paints his friends, his relatives and his dogs.  His mother was drawn again and again.   Hockney's portraits are often a frontal view and  usually not flattering.
Hockney says "Faces are the most interesting thing we see; other people fascinate me and the most interesting aspect of other people-the point where we go inside them-is the face.  It tells all"

Self Portrait by David Hockney 2003

Henry 1988 by David Hockney
Self Portrait by David Hockney
Artist's mother by David Hockney


  1. Hi Nancy, I'm also a David Hockney fan. We were lucky enough to have his brother come to our gallery (Shoalhaven Regional) and give us a talk and insight into his work. Loved it. I particularly like his collaged self portrait you have included in the post (must have been much, much younger!).....thanks for the info!
    Cheers, Chere

  2. I'm also a fan of David Hockney's. I particularly like the collaged image of a much younger David. Thanks for sharing, Chere