Friday, 22 February 2013

Washing Up

Pen drawing by me

I asked my sister what she thought of a recent collage I had done of myself in front of the bathroom medicine cabinet (see self portrait blog post).  She said it reminded her that she needed to lose weight and  this put her off the piece.  

 Our emotional response to an artwork is what makes us want to either put it up on our wall next to the TV or tuck it in the spare room closet. When I saw Maggie Stein’s linocut of the drying dishes at Currurong Beach  I could imagine that the scene this depicts is within a lovely holiday house which is quiet and empty of kids and visitors, a meal has just been eaten , tummy is full and there are no more expectations of you for a little while.  Doing the dishes is often the last chore of the day and completing this task signifies the beginning of time for ourselves, maybe a bit of fun after a busy day. So, all those things make me enjoy the print as much as what is what you can see.
Washing Up by Margaret Green

Maggie’s linocut also reminded me of a painting, also of washing up,  which has appealed to me after seeing it in a book years ago.  This is it on the right.

I have been looking at the washing up this week and enjoying the spheres and cylinders and tricky shapes.

Gouache painting by me

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