Wednesday, 21 December 2016

One good idea

Every Christmas I scratch around my mind for an idea for the annual Christmas card. I have friends who get very cranky if they don't receive a hand made card in the mail, so it is important not to disappoint. The idea doesn't often present itself easily and time is spent in a little state of frustration.  The subject  usually ends up being something that is of interest at that time.  For example, last year I was thrilled to see a Supurb fairy wren in my yard and so this was the subject on 2015's  card.  
Recently I saw, and also sketched, a vintage Ford half ton truck from a nearby street. About the same time I started to think about Xmas cards, so the Ford became the subject. The truck is like one my dad drove , he would cut a tree down and it would come home like in the sketch, although the tree wasn't usually so symmetrical!
I've printed the linocut on a vintage map of the south Coast and this is where Christmas holidays were often spent in my Australian life.  Everything came together and so I was pleased with this year's effort.

At work we have a competition decorating ginger bread houses.  Each office has a kit and we can do anything with it. We pushed the idea a little by, again, using the truck idea and making it out of gingerbread. You can't see it but there's a gingerbread tree in the back. 
So, one idea spread across a couple of idea requiring projects....done and dusted.


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