Saturday, 6 August 2016

Doors and views at home

It's always good to hang around home and sketch a very familiar environment. I've been drawing the views from doors but the above sketch  is of our side door, the most used entrance and exit.  The white door is screened and we would slam it coming in, our mother yelling, don't slam the door.

This is a view of part of my parent's garden from the back deck. I am fond of the White Pines in a neighbour's yard on right side of sketch.

I sat on the front step to sketch this one, looking up the street. There was a bit of work going on, a digger was involved but was too quick to be sketched. The United church is at the top of the street and that green building used to be where the local paper was published.

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  1. These are lovely artworks Nancy - your family must be so happy to see them and have a beautiful record of their lovely home. Beautiful! Chere xx