Saturday, 16 July 2016

Iron cove and Rodd Point

Some sketchy friends and I got together on a cold and windy winter day to sketch on one of Sydney's water ways.  
Above is a boat club at Rodd Point.  One of the people involved with this club had a look at our sketches and told a bit of the history.  The club was originally built in the 1960's but burned down by arson about ten years ago.  They rebuilt it as it was originally.  I love it's shape.
The point was named after Mr Rodd and he and his wife are buried on the knoll behind the boat club, you can see the cross marking the site.
This scene is at Iron Cove. There are recreational areas around the water and there were quite a few people around.  There are aboriginal carvings on the rocks and a strong history of this people in the area.  A great spot!

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