Saturday, 14 May 2016

Birthday spent at Gordon's Bay


My birthday was on Friday the 13th this year and I spent the morning at glorious Gordon's Bay in Sydney.  This is a small cove and is a marine park for any snorkellers or divers.  I'm a little afraid of sharks so leave that to others.
The man in the above sketch had 2 dogs, the one in the sketch and another bigger muscle-y one.  The other one wanted to play and would come up to me and bark then jump up on me and playfully bite my hand.  It wasn't good, I had wet sand all over me and the playful biting hurt.  The man did nothing.   The dog above was enjoying the water very much, running across the shallows continually. Now that is a good dog.


Here are the boats pulled up on wooden slats.  Not much colour as the boats were all aluminium.
At one point about ten policemen jumped off the rocks and onto the beach, then went up the path and away.  I'm not sure what that was about.

It was a lovely birthday at the beach.

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