Friday, 26 February 2016

Wendy Whitely's Garden

Wendy Whitely's is well known for being an artist herself as well as being the wife of Brett Whitely, a very well known artist in Australia.  Their home was on Lavender Bay just around from the harbour bridge and Wendy still lives there today.  The land between the Whitely house and the harbour is owned by the railway and until Wendy started working on it, was weed infested and overgrown.  It is now a beautiful garden with paths, sculptures and vistas at every turn. Wendy's vision and artist's eye as well as a gardener or two have transformed this land to somewhere very special.

This is the tower attached to Wendy Whitely's home.
A group of sketchers came here this morning.  There were many others here too, picnicking and generally enjoying the place.

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