Saturday, 19 July 2014

North side of the Harbour Bridge

Pylon , north side of Harbor bridge

The Harbour Bridge in Sydney is an icon of our city.  It was finished in 1932 and this made it much easier for people to get back and forth to the city, previously only accessible by ferry.  There was a piece of property on the north side which was used in the construction of the bridge for equipment and material.  The end of the project meant this property was available for other uses and Luna Park was built in 1935.  This is an amusement park which is still there today.  Sketch club went to this area today in cold, windy and a little wet conditions.  A group of us sheltered in the ferry wharf waiting area which was under cover.  The famous Luna Park face is the gate to the park and you walk through the mouth to go in.  I am sketching below the face and a ramp to the wharf is blocking my view but I am sure you the idea.

Luna Park-ink and watercolor

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  1. these sketches are lovely Nancy - what a great face Mr. Luna Park has! - great colours!